Repeater Batch Test Schedule

Limitless Learning Repeater Batch Test Schedule

Fortnightly full length test (NEET/MAINS pattern) : open for all Repeater Batch students of LIMITLESS LEARNING

(To be conducted twice every month)

Test Window : Your selected Day and time from the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month on wards till Wednesday.

11-02-2019 to 13-02-2019 : Full Syllabus for both Mains & NEET.

25-02.-019 to 25-02-2019 : Full Syllabus for both Mains & NEET.

Physics Sectional Test – To be conducted twice every month.

Test Window period :  18-02-2019 to 22-02-2019 : Gravitation 

Test Window period :  04-03-2019 to 07-03-2019 : Fluid Mechanics



Maths Sectional Test –